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Network Rail Maintenance Depot – Manchester

Working in partnership with JPR Group, the Aqord design team were asked to complete a site assessment to ascertain the best solution and specification for a site wide PA System. The client requirement was to ensure all operatives could receive clear communication in the event of an emergency or urgent situation.

On completion of the site assessment, the Aqord design team produced a draft specification and design which was submitted to the client for approval. All details were confirmed during a final site meeting including the addition of Background Music and extra coverage in the ‘Pits,’ areas underneath the Trains.

The Aqord design team faced challenges in October 2021 due to international supply issues but due to the knowledge and supply chain experience they secured the required equipment. Using our trusted supply partners, Cloud Electronics and Monacor International the changing dynamics of the depots Db levels were covered and well balanced across the site.

Whilst under maintenance the engines run up to 87Db, so the design team ensured the head equipment and loudspeakers achieved the +5Db required to overcome the ambient noise. The levels were fully evaluated during the commissioning process.

Design Challenges – Within the depot there are several ‘Pits,’ areas where engineers work underneath the trains, sometimes with engines running. The design team had to include ‘ fill in’ loudspeakers that not only had the right Db specifications but were also IP65 rated for future maintenance. With the stock issues at the time, the team faced additional challenges but did source the perfect solution.

The end user client, Network Rail, were incredibly happy with the final testing, the quality of Aqord’s design and the equipment used on the project.