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AQORD is a national company specialising in Public Address (PA), Voice Evacuation (VA), Background and Foreground Music Systems.

AQORD offer full sound system design, supply, installation and maintenance services for commercial and public premises.

PA Systems by Aqord

Public Address (PA) Systems

Public Address (PA) Systems (also known traditionally as Tannoy Systems) are sound systems fitted in large buildings that allow speech and or music to be heard clearly throughout a specified area.

VA Systems by Aqord

Voice Alarm & Evacuation (VA) Systems

With the current expansion in public retail and entertainment venues throughout the UK, voice evacuation systems are becoming more popular now than ever before. In many large buildings, such as rail and air transport hubs, high-rises, schools, hospitals, office blocks, department stores and shopping centres, a well-maintained voice evacuation system is a legal requirement.

IP Technology by Aqord

Internet Protocol (IP) Technology Systems

IP audio systems from AQORD enable audio content distribution via LAN, WAN or internet networks over great distances or even wirelessly. IP Audio systems break all limits on distance and deliver high quality audio.