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Bose Professional Authorised Installer

Aqord know our professional audio customers depend on us in a unique way.

This is your business, your reputation, your livelihood — not just an amp, not just a loudspeaker. So, when you buy a Bose Professional system, designed by Aqord, you get the full weight of our partnership with Bose Professional behind you — our time, support, and attention.

Working closely with Bose Professional, Aqord can serve many different markets, delivering great sound in venues all around the UK and Ireland — performing arts centers, theaters, places of worship, stadiums, restaurants, schools, retail stores, hotels, and corporate buildings.

Bose Professional Authorised Installer for Sports Stadiums
Bose Professional Authorised Installer Manchester

Professional audio is about creating incredible experiences…

…from an unforgettable live music event to a clear conference call that gets the whole team on the same page. Those exceptional experiences don’t just happen. They need to be built, one piece at a time.

In the pro audio industry, partnerships & collaboration bring a huge advantage — Bose Pro know that because Aqord engineers are expert system designers, integrators, installers, sound engineers & musicians, we know sound and we continually help Bose make better products.

Give us a call today to discuss how Aqord can design and install a Bose Professional Audio System for your business.

Bose Professional – UK Authorised Installer

AQORD - Official UK partner of Soundtrack Your Brand

“Bose is extremely excited to work with AQORD as one of our carefully selected professional partners. AQORD’s expertise and industry experience across many markets, including hospitality, leisure and retail results in a perfect partnership with Bose Professional with a matching ethos of high quality audio design and installation practices”.

Dean Clarke, Northern Manager of Bose Professional Systems Division

Bose Professional Amplifiers and Loudspeakers produce the highest quality sound and system flexibilty and with a 5 year warranty on all equipment end user’s and installers get the perfect system, technically and financially.

Bose Meeting Room Solutions

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