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Customer Messaging

We are seeing numerous clients coming to us for background music solutions however with the additional need for the capability of customer messaging to be played in conjunction with this at certain points through the day. We have a solution for this in the Axis C8033 device.

This device utilises the Soundtrack Your Brand streaming platform and acts as a music player with the additional ability to import and schedule customer messaging via a web-based platform. This web-based platform allows clients to control messages across all their sites devices and create new schedules for messaging.

This is especially useful for clients in the retail sector, wanting to play promotional or seasonal sale messages as well as opening and closing hours reminders. We are also seeing clients in the distribution sector with a need to play out messages to staff on the shop floor throughout the day so this also fulfils this need.

The device is also SIP compatible, this is useful for some retail clients who have the need to make remote announcements via handset or on the move.