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Sonos for Business

UK Authorised Installer

Set the right tone for your business, and create better experiences for customers and employees.

Sonos for Business is the wireless music system that lets you place small and powerful speakers around your business location.

Sonos for Business UK Authorised Installer
Speacialist Sonos for Business UK Authorised Installer

Aqord can design, supply and install a Sonos Music System just for you.

With our vast experience in retail and hospitality you can be assured you’ll get the best system to suit your business. And with our partnership with Soundtrack Your Brand your music can play seamlessly through the Sonos app.

Give us a call today to discuss how Aqord can design and install a Sonos Music System for your business.

Sonos Business & Aqord

Sonos Business & Aqord Limited

Sonos was not the first of its kind, but it was the leader for a long time thanks to its ease of use, sound quality and functionality. Sonos were one of few that pioneered the idea that your music system was no longer restricted to one room or by cabling. They have perfected the business and home audio experience. It supports the ability to play different tracks in various parts of your business, sync them together and control them all from your phone.

Aqord are proud to be a UK authorised reseller and installer of Sonos products. Sonos audio devices deliver great sound for multiroom music playback, smart assistants, and also supports major streaming services including Soundtrack Your Brand. Sonos uses your wireless network to allow all of its speakers to communicate with one another and your controller. Working in partnership with Sonos, Aqord can serve more unique businesses with specific sound system needs, delivering great sound in venues such as restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and corporate buildings.

Sonos Business & Soundtrack Your Brand

Sonos UK Authorised Installer in Manchester

Get access to the largest licensed music catalog for business. With Soundtrack Your Brand and Sonos, you’ll be playing music throughout your business in no time.

Soundtrack works like your own business radio station. You’ll get consistent music and weekly updates to avoid repetition both for you, your customers and your staff. To make it easy, you can find hundreds of ready-made soundtracks by picking any genre, sound or business type.

To get started, just add Soundtrack Player to your Sonos controller.

It’s easy to get started – Just call us on 0161 611 7171 – Create your account and get 30 days to try for free.

The Sonos Range

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