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Voice Evacuation (VA) Systems

With the current expansion in public retail and entertainment venues throughout the UK, voice evacuation systems are becoming more popular now than ever before. In many large buildings, such as rail and air transport hubs, high-rises, schools, hospitals, office blocks, department stores and shopping centres, a well-maintained voice evacuation system is a legal requirement.

Utilising phased voice alert and evacuate to replace fire alarm bells and sounders means no more confusing audio signals broadcast throughout public areas – just clear audible voice announcements to instruct the public as to what to do during emergency situations.

These systems are flexible and can be used to not only save lives but also to allow the reproduction of voice paging announcements, background music and advertisements on a zoned or all call basis.

AQORD designs and delivers voice alarm systems. By working with major voice evacuation suppliers such as Baldwin Boxall to supply our equipment, we can guarantee all our systems comply above and beyond the current BS5839 Part 8 British standards.