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Waitrose Customer Fulfillment Centre

PA Systems
About This Project

Wincanton & Waitrose Customer Fulfillment Centre – Greenford

From an initial phone call in late November 2020 from our long term Client, Waitrose, Aqord designed, supplied, installed and commissioned this large scale Fulfilment Centre in just 9 weeks.

Dynamic work from our design team through to the installation and commissioning teams delivered this high quality, multi zone system, on time and in budget. A tremendous effort in the freezing cold weather and considering the size of the site.

Aqord’s skill and expertise in design and within the supply chain gave the client exactly what they needed for this short program, no hassle, no delays and most importantly delivered with the highest quality standards.

The site comprised of 3 large scale chambers, 3 Refrigerated Stock Rooms, Frozen Stock Room, 4 Office locations and Security position, all with varying acoustic requirements. Working with our supply partner ‘Toa’ we completed the design providing clear PA announcements and Background Music ensuring the required Db levels were attained. 72 Horn speakers were used in the chambers, over 100 pendant speakers installed across the 3 Refrigerated spaces and the offices supplied with over 100 Penton Cabinet & Ceiling speakers.

The site was divided into 12 Zones for volume and music selection utilising Cloud Electronics head equipment, all controlled at the main rack located in the Control Centre. 4 Cloud paging microphones were installed across the site.

Design Challenges – Having so many varied acoustic requirements over the site required attention to detail during the design and commissioning stages. Selecting the right equipment for the project was key to ensure the specified outcomes were achieved.

Our commissioning team completed 3 separate visits, the final visit when the site was fully populated to ensure our predicted Db requirements matched within each individual area. The only part we cant control was the DAB station choice!

Both Wincanton and Waitrose signed the system off as excellent and thanked us for the efficient turnaround after what was a pressured 9 weeks.