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Soundtrack Players

Various Options to Suit Your Business Needs

Each location with Soundtrack music will need a Soundtrack player. There are several easy to install listening options. There are 4 versions of  hardware player which are the ultimate connect-and-forget options, stable, reliable, and scalable. If buying hardware isn’t your style, you can use your iOS, Android, or Windows device as the Soundtrack player. Simply download the app and you’ll be listening in minutes.

To discuss the player that would suit your business needs or you wish to place an order for one of the players please give us a call on 0161 611 7171

Soundtrack Player 3.0 – £299.00 (ex-vat)

The Soundtrack Player is a practical solution since it’s a streaming box fully dedicated to our music solution.


  • 13 GB internal memory that holds up to 2 weeks of music.
  • Plug it into your audio system using an HDMI, 3.5 mm, Phono or optical audio cable.
  • Remote updates – your device will get the latest software versions via our automatic updates.
  • The streaming box uses dynamic IP by default. You can easily configure it for static IP.
  • All cables are included in the package with an installation guide.

Sonos Business & Soundtrack – Price based on System Design

Get access to the largest licensed music catalog for business. With Soundtrack and Sonos, you’ll be playing music throughout your business in no time.

Soundtrack works like your own business radio station. You’ll get consistent music and weekly updates to avoid repetition both for you, your customers and your staff. To make it easy, you can find hundreds of ready-made soundtracks by picking any genre, sound or business type.

To get started, just add Soundtrack Player to your Sonos controller.

Audac NMP40 – £229.00 (ex-vat)

The NMP40 SourceCon™ Network audio player module enables the possibility to stream audio files from a personal computer or mobile device directly to a professional audio system while maintaining the best available sound quality.

Compatible with various streaming technologies like Spotify Connect and Soundtrack Your Brand© you can stream music straight to your professional sound system directly from the cloud while using only your computer or mobile device as a controller. This avoids any unwanted interruptions and maintains higher sample rates, so you can also set the right ambient in all types of public places (Always check with your local license regulations).


Audac XMP44 Modular Player – £359.00 (ex-vat)

An audio player fulfilling specific needs of any user sounds hard to achieve. With this modular audio system, a fully flexible structure with 4 slots is at your disposal. Each slot allows implementation of any available module, selectable between Soundtrack Your Brand (Via the NMP40), FM tuners, DAB & DAB+ tuners, contact & time triggered voice file interfaces as well as internet audio players and USB media players/recorders. This results in a solution that will live up to the needs of any user that takes high regard of crystal clear audio reproduction.

Audac Multi-functional SourceCon Amplifier – Price TBC (Pre Order Available)

The MFA208 amplifier is designed as a two-channel amplifier using class D amplifier technology. It can be used for powering low impedance stereo systems with a maximum power of 2 x 40 Watt, while bridging to a constant voltage (100V and 70V) is possible with a maximum output power of 80 Watt. A switch-mode power supply allows a wide variation of mains voltages for global compatibility.

The integrated SourceCon™ module* slot allows the implementation of any available compatible module, offering a true all-in-one solution. Typical applications are the implementation of an audio streaming module or internet radio module. Additionally, a stereo line input allows connection for any kind of external audio sources.

Axis C8033 – £185.00 (ex-vat)

  • All the benefits of network audio
  • PoE for easy installation
  • Based on open standards
  • Easy integration with other IT systems

AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge is a smart and easy solution that connects and combine analog and network audio systems. You’ll be able to play music from analog sources in your Axis network audio system. And add Axis network speakers to your analog system. Which means you can reap the many benefits of our speakers while protecting the value of your investment in analog audio equipment.

Soundtrack Web Player – Free Download

Play and manage music in your business directly from your PC or Laptop.


  • Play and control your music
  • Create your own soundtracks
  • Play over 300+ ready-made soundtracks
  • Display what’s playing in your venue

Soundtrack Player App – Free Download

Play and manage music in your business directly from your phone or tablet.


  • Play and control your music
  • Create your own soundtracks
  • Play over 300+ ready-made soundtracks
  • Display what’s playing in your venue

  • 300+ Soundtracks Managed by Professionals

  • Create Your Own Custom Soundtrack in Minutes

  • Turn Spotify Playlists into Week-Long Soundtracks

  • Centrally Manage Multiple Locations

  • Block Explicit and Inappropriate Songs

All these features and more from just


Monthly per subscription

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