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Audio Pro Business – Better sound, better business

2019 saw the launch of the new 1.9 Ghz Wireless Speaker System which is set to revolutionise the background music installation arena. Aqord are proud to be the first official reseller of Audio Pro’s business music system in the UK.

So why use Audio Pro Business?

  • Plug & play – Where a traditional retail installation takes 2 days, Audio Pro Business takes no more than 2 hours
  • Total stability – Using 1.9 Ghz Audio Pro Business is developed for total wireless freedom. Overcrowded 
Wi-Fi areas using 2.4 Ghz are no longer a problem.
  • Total range – With Audio Pro Business you have a at least 2X the range of a WiFi system. Works perfect in large retail areas. Just try us!
  • Light & sound as one – Easily add our speakers to lightning tracks and instantly play wireless music. Where there is light, there can be sound.
  • Minimalistic design – A speaker should be heard, not seen. With its minimalistic aesthetics, the Audio Pro Business system just blends in perfectly, next to the existing lightning.
  • Total flexibility – Changing speaker positions is a snap. No need for expensive installations. Ready for the never ending changing future.
  • Premium sound – High quality drivers, combined with advanced DSP controlled digital amplifiers and solid acoustic engineering gives a sound quality a cut above the competition.`
  • Multi zone – With up to 6 different volume zones you will be able to play music in perfect volume for each customer environment and situation.
  • Source freedom – You can play music from any sound source. Meaning you are free to change source or music supplier without problem.

For the full product range please visit  Audio Pro Business and then give our design team a call on 0161 611 7171.

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Audio Pro Business in the UK

Ola Grahn, Audio Pro Business Sales Director says“Audio Pro Business looked for partners in the UK  with matching business mentality and high end technical qualities so the decision to appoint Aqord as an approved reseller was an easy decision”

“Audio Pro Business is based on the fact that many stores, offices and hotels in the world already are equipped with track lighting. Using the power already available in these systems, you can easily add Audio Pro Business and almost instantly play music. Instead of two days of installation for a traditional sound system, Audio Pro Business only takes two hours to install”

“Audio Pro Business is all about total wireless freedom. Using the new RF band at 1,9Ghz, there will be no interference from overcrowded Wifi-areas. With a range up to 100 meters the new system will be suitable for a great range of locations. But if you still want or need a cable connected set up, any speaker is capable of receiving both wireless and wired signals”